Thermodynamic properties study using ANN

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تحقیق دانشجویی تحت عنوان مطالیپعه خواص ترمودینامیک با استاده از ANN، در قالب فایل پاورپوینت به زبان انگلیسی.

The idea of combining GA and NN came up first in the late 80s, and it has generated a intense field of research in the 1980s.

A number of parameter have to be set before any training can begin. However, there are no clear rules how to set these parameters. By combining genetic algorithms with neural networks (GANN), the genetic algorithm is used to find these parameters.
A genetic algorithm tries to simulate the natural evolution process. Its purpose is to optimize a set of parameters.
دسته بندی: علوم پایه » شیمی

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